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I reflect on where I am today and find it ironic how I actually stumbled into the design field. Growing up I've wanted to be an astronaut, paleontologist, detective, journalist, illustrator, photographer, even a toy maker. The underlying element that connected all of these professions was my inquisitive nature to explore and create. I can recall the exact moment I knew I wanted to be a designer: during a class introduction to a new Design course I was taking in college; everyone took a turn stating a few things about themselves. When I was done speaking, the instructor asked me what I thought was one cool thing about being a designer. Without any hesitation, instinctively, I stated "Getting paid to do something I love to do." Naturally because I would, and have gladly done so for no compensation at all.

Looking back on the professions I wanted to join growing up, I would've never imagined that I could become all of them at the same time. It took years of experience, countless sacrifices, failures and mistakes. I am stronger because of it. I am an explorer, writer, investigator, illustrator, photographer, and a visual tinker (not a typo). I do not speak for anyone when I say this, but I do not like to be placed in a box full of labels. I have a positive will mindset. I can deconstruct any problem I set my mind to solving. The collective nature of what I feel makes every day new and exciting is the chance to explore, create, share, and inspire. The need to feed the incessant curiosity that keeps me striving to doing something greater. This is my passion, craft, and desire. My answer to finding happiness in life. Find your passion, and you will find happiness.