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Handcrafted Goods

On Friday September 11th of this year, I had the wonderful pleasure of participating in a photography showing with some fellow documentary photographers. The experience of putting together a collection, printing the necessary materials, and mounting for the show was pretty exciting. 

For the show I decided to raffle off a 13x19 matted and framed mystery print by selling $1 raffle tickets. Instead of purchasing standard raffle tickets, I came up with an idea to create my own to carry my brand, and serve as a contact card. The entire process was handmade. From printing, to cutting, to hole punching. As daunting and overwhelming as it may seem, there's something really special that happens when you undergo such a process. You notice all the small details in the point size, the rich definition in the vector lines, you pick up on the nuances of the weight of the paper, the quality in it's grain. It's the little things that are noticed when you repeat a process over and over again that allow you to pick up on the details and bring about refinement.